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A different kind of tourism

Ecolanka is an ecotourism site located in the heart of the mountainous part of Sri Lanka. On its 20 hectares, you will discover the principle of analog forests, an organic and diversified production of plants with amazing virtues, and more than 100 different species of birds.

Serving local development

Ecolanka always favors handicraft for the supply of materials and equipment. The buildings and furniture are the fruit of the work of the villagers working in this exceptional site, and maintenance operations (electricity, upkeep) are also entrusted to them.

What is an Analog Forest?

In Sri Lanka, a certification system based on biodiversity indicators has been developed by Dr Ranil Senanayake over the past 30 years. It aims to establish a forestry system that allows the forest to be exploited without fertilizers or pesticides. It also aims to strengthen rural communities socially, economically and environmentally.

Today, it has spread to around 30 countries thanks to the International Analogue Forest Network (IANF)

Ecolanka is officially certified by Forest Garden Products. The FGP certification, founded by Dr. Ranil Senanayake, restores ecosystems and original biodiversity throughout the world. The products resulting from this certification protect nature and humans.

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A permanent investment

A percentage of the cost of your stay at Ecolanka is donated to the Fair and Rural Development Association of Halpola village. This commitment, along with a donation of 350,000 LKR, has financed several projects such as the construction (and operation) of a community center for the villagers on part of the Maussawa land. This community center has enabled the inhabitants to have access to medical care, to take English classes and to practice their traditional crafts in good conditions.

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